The Best Bike Locks Under the Sun [BUYERS GUIDE]

Below you’ll find a selection of best locks per category.

Pick something that you are mainly looking for and it will hop you towards my #1 pick for the specific category. 

97 locks were reviewed to come up with this categorisation and summary. 

That’s just plain awful. 

I’ve done many hundreds of hours of research, to find the absolute best bike locks to keep those Armani-jeaned thieves from stealing your precious bike. 

bike being stolen

The Best Bike Lock Out of 97 Locks

#1 Kryptonite - New York Lock

Best value for money!
Your bike is secure with this lock. 

  • Super-duper hard to crack
  • One of the safest locks there is
  • Even motorcyclists trust it
  • Easy to use
  • Bike theft warranty up to $5,000!
  • Gold level security by Sold Secure
  • Does pack some weight at 6lbs/2.7kg
  • Some consider the $85 a bit pricey (I consider it fair).

NB! The New York lock is often out of stock on Amazon, due to very high demand. 

Security 95%
Weight 75%
Value for Money 85%

This lock from Kryptonite is what I use myself. As a matter of fact, I personally have 2 of these, one for the front and one for the back part of my bike. However, if you don’t live in Amsterdam,  one lock should do just fine.

It costs around $85, but it will save you the trouble of having to buy a new lock in the near future. Where as if you vouch for cheaper options you might be shopping for a new lock sooner than expected (that’s what happened to me). 

Most Secure Bike Lock

#1 Abus Granit X-PLUS

It’s the strongest lock on the market

  • The hardest one to crack
  • The lightest high-security lock at 1.4kg/3lbs
  • Numerous security test wins
  • No warranty, unlike Kryptonite's locks
  • Pricey at roughly $130

The lock has been rewarded as the most secure lock by a number of industry leading test organisations in 2016-2018.

Security 100%
Weight 50%
Value for Money 65%

If you’re looking to secure your bike with the safest lock there is, this is the one that you should pick. Yea it costs quite a bit, but if you’re looking for the highest amount of security, then Abus Granit X-plus is your go-to lock.  

You can find one of the most thorough and professional lock cracking tests ever completed at – They found ABUS’s Granit X to be the most secure lock after destroying £11,000 worth of locks. 

Most Lightweight Bike Lock

#1 TiGr Mini Titanium

Super light and yet, very secure.

  • Hard to Crack
  • Very lightweight at only 0.4kg/0.9lbs
  • Easy to use
  • Minimalistic, clean look
  • You'll sacrifice some security for the weight advantage.
  • It ain't cheap at roughly $100
Security 80%
Weight 30%
Value for Money 70%

TiGr mini looks totally different from all other bike locks in the market. It is made of titanium contrary to most other locks. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s stronger, but the little lock sure is strong given it’s weight and built. 

I personally really like the looks of the lock. It looks really great on minimalistic looking fixie bikes or older style retro bikes. 

Best Looking Bike Lock

#1 Litelock

Good lucking lightweight lock that is awarded Sold Secure GOLD level. 

  • High security level
  • Comes with various colors
  • Lightweight at 1.1kg/2.4lbs
  • Keyless locking
  • It ain't cheap at roughly $100
  • Thieves have seem to found a way to crack this lock.
Security 60%
Weight 45%
Value for Money 85%

Yea I know that ranking locks based on their looks is super subjective. Nevertheless I think that Litelock has focused heavily on their design while uncompromising the security level of their lock.

You can also choose a silver colored lock, which is more seamless and doesn’t catch unwanted attention. 

UPDATE: I reduced the security level of this lock, as there have been some complaints about people getting their bikes stolen with this lock. 
E.g. like in this video:

Best Folding Bike Lock

#1 ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus

Strong, compact and minimalistic looking lock. I really like it. 

  • Tough one to crack
  • The safest folding lock there is
  • Sold Secure GOLD rating
  • Easy to use
  • Very compact on your bike
  • Does weigh a bit at 4.6lbs/2.1kg
  • It ain't cheap at roughly $140
Security 80%
Weight 60%
Value for Money 80%

Abus Bordo Granit is the heavyweight champion of folding bike locks. It’s the toughest one in the market. If you’re shopping for a folding lock, I’d recommend this one above all others. 

Folding locks are a great pick, they are more compact than most other locks and easily mountable to your bike. However, these locks are inherently easier to crack than the U-shaped locks. With the Abus Granit the security difference is brought down to a minimum. 

Best U-Shaped Bike Lock

#1 Kryptonite - New York Lock

The thieves hate it, because it isn’t worth their effort.

  • Super-duper hard to crack
  • One of the safest locks there is
  • Even motorcyclists use it
  • Easy to use
  • Does pack some weight at 6lbs/2.7kg
  • It ain't cheap at roughly $85
Security 95%
Weight 60%
Value for Money 85%

That’s the same lock as I’ve already shown above. It’s what I use and what I consider to be the best overall lock in terms of value/security for the money. 

Plus if your bike gets stolen, you are applicable for a bike insurance provided by Kryptonite. You just need to register online after you buy the lock and they will give you a guarantee up to $5,000. 

T&C apply as always, but as long as you follow the instructions, you should get the money. No other brand offers this. Read more.

Best Chain Bike Lock

#1 Kryptonite - Evolution Series-4

Chain locks are more flexible than most other locks while offering a high level of security. 

  • High security lock.
  • The fabric protects your bike from scratches.
  • Used by motorcyclists.
  • More flexible than most other locks.
  • Comes in various lenghts.
  • Comes with a $3,000 theft warranty.
  • Heavy at 2.7 kg/ 6.1 lbs, although lighter than most chain locks.
  • Less security than a U lock with the same weight.
Security 80%
Weight 70%
Value for Money 75%

The problem with chain locks is that the heavier they are, the more security they offer. You can choose an even stronger lock, but it will cost you a few extra kilos/pounds and I wouldn’t want to carry that much weight around every day. 

If you are able to use the chains as a stationary lock, then choose the one with the biggest chain diameter (and weight). 

Best Bike Lock Under $25

#1 Via Velo Bike U-Lock

A very good lock given the price that you pay for it. 

  • Fair level of security.
  • The price.
  • Easy to use and install on your bike.
  • Cable included in the price.
  • Does pack some weight given the level of security at 3lbs/1.4kg
  • Less secure than pricier locks.
Security 55%
Weight 60%
Value for Money 80%

If you’re shopping for a cheaper priced lock, then the Via Velo lock is currently the best option on the market. 

Yes, it doesn’t have the same level of security as more expensive locks, but if your living in a safer neighbourhood where bikes don’t get stolen that often, and/or your bike isn’t that expensive, then this is a definitely an option that I would go for. 

Best Bike Lock Under $50

#1 Kryptonite - Evolution Series-4

A high end lock, currently for sale! The full price of this lock is $80+. 

  • Super-duper hard to crack
  • Good amount of security given the weight.
  • Sold Secure GOLD rating.
  • Anti theft insurance up to $3,000
  • Very good price for this level of security.
  • There are more secure options out there, but they cost much more.
Security 80%
Weight 60%
Value for Money 100%

The main drawback with Kryptonite locks is that they are pricey. The price comes from their superior quality and security. However this lock is currently on sale, making it a very appealing offer. 

It’s also the cheapest Sold Secure GOLD rated lock.

Best Bike Lock Under $100

#1 Kryptonite - New York Lock

The thieves hate it, because it isn’t worth their effort.

  • Super-duper hard to crack
  • One of the safest locks there is
  • Even motorcyclists use it
  • Easy to use
  • Sold Secure GOLD rating.
  • Does pack some weight at 6lbs/2.7kg
  • It ain't cheap at roughly $100

Best value for money and one of the top performers in all the tests that I could find. 

Security 90%
Weight 60%
Value for Money 85%

This is my #1 recommended lock, and it does cost below $100. Yes, there are a few locks that are even more secure than this one, but they are more expensive and weigh more. 

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