Kryptonite New York Lock Review

If you want to avoid having your bike stolen, or if you’ve ever had your bike stolen, you’re all too familiar with the importance of owning a proper bike lock. I’ve personally lost a number of bikes and mainly due to using cheap locks.
Using a cheap lock to protect your bike will end up costing you your bike and the money that you’ve spent on the shitty lock you’re using. For under $100 you can buy a lock that you can safely use to leave your bike anywhere without having to worry about the safety of your bike.
Even in the unlikely event that your bike is stolen, Kryptonite offers a complementary warranty and they will reimburse the cost of your bike of up to $4,000. T&C apply and you need to register for this, so make sure to do it.
The Kryptonite New York Bike Lock is my all time favorite lock and the winner out of 97 locks that I’ve reviewed so far.
Here’s a video overview of the lock:

So Why Should You Pick the Kryptonite New York Lock??

roadbike with kryptonite lock

Kryptonite has over 45-years of experience in the industry. This alone sets the company apart from competitors and ensures quality protection for your bike.

They’ve had plenty of time to come up with the best solution available to make sure that your bike stays secure.

Kryptonite relies on a ten-point protection rating system. This proprietary system rates one as a lower level, lower security system.

On the higher end, the ten provides bike owners peace of mind in knowing their bike is protected by the best locking mechanism and is fully backed by the company’s warranty and protection guarantee.


Security Rating

As mentioned earlier, Kryptonite has a system for grading locks based on their level of security. Below you’ll find a chart for their recommended uses for locks with different levels of security.

kryptonite new york lock

The New York Lock is rated as a 9, which means that it is one of the safest locks there is. If you are looking for even more security, you would have to choose an alteration of the New York lock, which looks similar, but is much heavier and thus offers a bit more security.

That lock is called the Fahgettaboudit lock. It’s also a bit pricier and as I said, it weighs more. The original version (the simple new york lock) is better value for money in my opinion.


What sets Kryptonite apart from competitors?

Some of the factors include:

– Leading industry innovation and expert guidance in designing bike locks
– Individual bike locks built for different bikes, motorcycles, and vehicles, ensuring the highest levels of protection
– Flexible fit and design, for individual bikes, and durability with keys that don’t break, offering the highest levels of protection
-It’s good enough to protect motorcycles, so you can be sure that it’ll do a great job protecting your bicycle.

Kryptonite is a company which stands behind the quality and design of their bike locks. With innovative design, and continual design changes, the company has become a leader in designing locks which are built to last. Rugged materials, durability, and tensile-strength keep your bike protected, no matter where you park it overnight.


The Importance of Choosing a Well-Made Bike Lock

bike being stolen

Any bike owner knows the importance of owning a well-made bike lock. If a lock is flimsy, a potential burglar is instantly going to target the bike. If they notice the bike isn’t properly locked, or the latch-system isn’t sturdy, this is an invitation for thieves to steal your bike.

A well-made bike lock not only protects the bike’s overall structure (the seat, frame, tires, etc.) but also the integral parts of your bike as well. It will provide protection for the handlebars and other attachments on the bike. A well-made bike lock has integrated features which are specific to your bike (style and brand), while offering the highest integral stability and protection.

kryptonite lock

Quality bike locks have simple design elements. One-lock solution systems, keys that don’t break/damage easily, and tamperproof designs, so thieves can’t crack in. These are a few of the many great components a Kryptonite bike lock affords its owners.

With a no-frills design, the right bike lock not only appears sturdy but is extremely durable and will afford bike owners the highest levels of security.

Kryptonite Bike Lock Theft Warranty:

Your Bike’s Protection is Backed by a Manufacturer Warranty
Just imagine paying the highest price for a new bike lock, only for it to be broken into, and your bike to be stolen. Although Kryptonite stands behind the quality and construction of its locks, it affords customers greater protections than its word. The company offers customers a lock theft warranty on all bike locks it sells.
The anti-theft protection offer (ATPO) is basically Kryptonite’s guarantee to its customers. The ATPO was created by the company in 1978. It’s a warranty which backs some of the bike locks which are sold by the company.

anti theft warranty sum

ATPO protects customers and reimburses them the monetary value of the stolen bike or motorcycle, if the theft occurred because the lock was broken or tampered by force. So, as long as owners can prove the faulty lock, or damage to the Kryptonite lock is what led to the theft of their bike or motorcycle, the company will reimburse them for the full purchase price of their bike.

If the lock was opened by force, customers are protected. The base cost of the bike or motorcycle and any insurance deductibles are covered by Kryptonite. Not many companies stand behind their products 100 percent.

This guarantee, in and of itself, is a reason why customers should rely on the highly-trusted manufacturer for bike locks. The company knows the quality of its locking mechanisms, and how structurally sound they are, that it is willing to put its name/reputation on the line.

Pros of the Kryptonite Bike Lock 

a lock attached to a bike
Of course, you shouldn’t purchase a bike lock simply because a company claims to be the best or stand behind its products. Nor should you rely on the company’s website alone, informing you how great their product lineup is. Instead, customer reviews, ratings, and online sites, are great resources which help you decide which bike lock is right for you.
Some of the great features and design elements which set Kryptonite apart from competitor’s products include:
– The 100 percent money back ATPO guarantee
– Quality construction, frames, and tamperproof locking mechanisms
– The company sells locks specifically for different riding vehicles (bikes, motorcycle, ATV, boats, etc.)
– The company has a long-standing history and reputation, with over 40-years in the industry
– The proprietary security rating (one to ten) helps customers choose the most secure locks for their bikes
Kryptonite not only guarantees the product quality of their bike locks, but also has several locks for different types of bikes and motorcycles. So, you aren’t stuck choosing from one lock, and hoping for the best. The sheer volume of selection available on the site, guarantees customers are going to find a great bike lock which will not only protect their bike, but also ward off potential thieves from wanting to come near the bike in the first place.

Cons of the Kryptonite Bike Lock

Before choosing a bike lock, customers should weigh the pros and cons of different products. Some of the negatives, or drawbacks which should be noted in regard to Kryptonite bike locks include:
– The ATPO only covers certain bike locks, not all locks are backed by the warranty, however the New York Bike Lock is covered!
– Their locks are expensive in comparison to other lock manufacturers in the industry.
– The Kryptonite New York Bike lock’s design is a little large/bulky for certain bikes, limiting uses and protection.
The Kryptonite New York, and all locks in the family, are specifically geared towards protecting a certain type of bike. Additionally, they are quite expensive in a competitive market. So, you should consider competitor products, and compare their ratings/reviews, to help you best determine which bike lock is appropriate to secure your bike and avoid theft.

About the New York Lock 

bike lock attached
With many specific locks available from Kryptonite, the New York lock is one of the top-selling models. It has a security rating of nine out of ten. The ATPO protection also protects bikes valued at up to $4,000.
The 16 mm, max performance steel shackle is hard to crack, or even mobilize, once it is latched onto a bike for protection. The double-deadbolt system ensures that even if a thief tries to break in and steal a bike, they’re going to encounter a second, unbreakable locking mechanism.
A protective vinyl coating will protect the bike lock from rain and other elements in the weather/outdoor environment. A high-security disc cylinder doesn’t move and can’t be distorted without the proper key system. A patented, hardened-steel sleeve ensures the bike is securely locked into place on any bike rack.
Top Three Competitors of Kryptonite Bike Locks
There are hundreds of products available when it comes to choosing a new bike lock. With this being said, Kryptonite has several competitors in the industry. These are a few of the top-rated options to consider, when comparing the New York bike lock, with other industry leaders.

To Sum it All Up

When it comes to protecting your bicycle, there’s no shortage of options available to you as a bike owner. It is, therefore, important to compare several locking systems, brands, and locking systems, to find the one best suited to protect your bike from theft, no matter where you park it during the daytime and evening hours.
As a bike owner, you want to know your bike is protected by the most rugged, well-made bike locks. And, it doesn’t hurt to know the lock is backed by 100 percent guarantees, money back guarantees, and full cost replacement guarantees, in the event your bike is stolen. These are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive with Kryptonite bike locks.
No matter what your bike’s value is, you want to know it is protected at all times of the day. When considering a new locking system, you have several products available to choose from. When the time comes to decide on your new bike lock, the Kryptonite New York lock is one of the leaders in the industry, and with the APTO guarantee, you can be rest assured your bike is secure, regardless of how dangerous the locality where you park your bike may be.